Ice Dam Removal Marquette MI

Ice Dam Removal Marquette MI

Ice Dam Removal Marquette MIWe are now offering Northern Michigan our steaming services for ice dam removal Marquette MI and surrounding areas.

Do you have a roof leak or dangers because of an ice dam? Then you need our service for ice dam removal Marquette MI. Give us a call or text 24/7 at 612-919-4185 or simply contact us here now. We stop roof leaks fast! We can usually steam your ice dams the same or next day.

We use high temperature low pressure steam equipment for ice dam removal in Marquette MI. We do not use hammers! Steam is the safest and only way to remove ice dams from a roof with zero roof damage. We are fully insured for residential and commercial ice dam steaming and roof snow removal and we can prove it! If you simply need roof snow removal and not ice dam steaming please still give us a call. We can help fast!

Ice Dam Removal Marquette MI

There are many creative ways a company can offer their services to you for ice dam removal Marquette MI such as hammers, ice picks, hatchets, chemicals, and even hot pressure washers. Beware that all these methods can and likely will hurt your roof and possibly even destroy it to the point it needs replacing. Low pressure steam is the only guaranteed way to preserve the integrity of the roofing material. In-fact this procedure has now become a standard in the industry of ice dam removal professionals, roofers and especially in the insurance industry.

There is even a great website called the “Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education” (IDSAFE) which has vast pages of information on the subject of ice dam steaming. We are a member of this Association which guarantees you our steam equipment is indeed high temperature low pressure and will not damage roofing materials.

Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education

So when it comes to hiring a professional service for ice dam removal Marquette MI please consider hiring us. Our equipment and experience will save you money in the end. We have more YouTube videos on ice dam removal with steam than any other ice dam removal company in the world! Watch a few of our videos and see for yourself why we are so trusted to remove ice dams from roofs all across the United States.

We also help determine why you got ice dams to begin with by doing a free property inspection of the roof the outside of the property and the inside. We have helped many property owners solve the underlying issues of their ice dam nightmares for good. Solving these issues also saves money in heating and cooling costs year-round.

Ice Dam Removal Marquette MI & Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies to cover the cost of ice dam removal is not easy. But if you know how to speak the language it helps. We can work closely with your insurance company if you have a claim and hopefully get them to cover the bill for ice dam removal. We have helped hundreds upon hundreds of customers prevail against the insurance companies who try to deny payment to property owners with ice dam problems. Give us a call or text: 612-919-4185 to learn more today. Thanks!
We Also Offer Our Steam Ice Dam Removal Services to the Following Michigan cities near Marquette: Negaunee, Ishpeming, West Ishpeming, Ishpeming Township, Harvey, Gwinn, Richmond Township,