The following questions and answers have been put together to help you when choosing/hiring an ice dam removal/steaming company. Not all companies are created equal and not all companies are honest about the machines they use and the best procedures for your roof. Following these guide lines will ensure you of a job done correctly. Call or text us: 612-919-4185

The first step in hiring an ice dam removal/steaming company is discussing in detail all the aspects of the job. You must question the company with the knowledge you learn here. If a company answers all the questions correctly then it should be alright to hire them. If they answer any question incorrectly and try to justify their reasoning you should avoid letting them on your roof.

Question #1) Do you remove all the snow? And If so how do you do it?

Answer #1) Yes we do. We use plastic shovels and roof rakes and we use harnesses if needed. We can also roof rake from a ladder.(Never allow metal shovels or rakes on your roof!)

Question #2) How do you remove the ice dams?

Answer #2) We use an ice dam steamer designed for ice dam removal. (Never allow a hammer, ice pick, ax etc or a pressure washer on your job. A pressure washer will ruin your roof no matter how careful the user is. Please see the video below)

Question #3) Can you prove you are using a steamer and not a pressure washer?

Answer #3) Yes we can, we run a temperature gauge and a pressure gauge on our machines at all times about 150-300 P.S.I. and a temperature of 250-325 degrees. Our gun/wand does not have a trigger to control the flow of water/steam like a pressure washer. Also our gun does not have a colored plastic tip, it is a metal pipe designed to control the spray of steam. Our hose that runs from the machine to the wand is rated for steam and no braided line is visible through the hose.(Please see our video below)

Question #4) How many guys will be on site?

Answer #4) We always have two guys on every job for safety. And while we are steaming on person is always on the roof steaming and one is on the ground running the machine.

Question #5) Are you insured for ice dam removal & can you prove before starting?

Answer #5) Yes we are, yes we can.

Question #6) Do you give estimates or how do you charge?

Answer #6) We have an hourly rate for snow removal and an hourly rate for steaming. (Every good ice dam removal company will have an hourly rate and refuse to give estimates because there is no way to determine the amount of ice under the snow. If you have removed the snow already and they can see the amount of ice on the roof they may be willing to give a very rough estimate but never exactly.)

If all of these questions are answered correctly you will still want to inspect the machine for the gauges, inspect the shovels/rakes and check for insurance.

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Sincerely, Your Ice Dam Removal/Steaming Experts @ Absolutely Clean