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Removing ice dams with steam in New Hope MN. We were called to this home in New Hope to remove the snow and steam the ice dams on one section of the roof. The home owner called us about a leak and we resolved his issue the next day with our snow and ice dam removal. After the steaming was done and the gutters were thawed we installed a 60′ heat line in the valley, gutters and the downspout.On this home the gutters were filled with leaves and sand and this contributed to the ice dam formation. In the fall the homeowner removed a broken heat line and did not have a chance to replace it with a new one. He was very happy to hear we could replace the heat line for him. His roof should now be ice free for the remainder of the winter.

Many homeowners wait until they have a leak to worry about ice dam steaming, but by this time the damage has been done. It is always best to remove the snow and ice before you get a leak. There are many headaches to deal with once your property has water damage.

Hiring an ice dam removal company who truly care about your property is not as easy as one may think. A lot of companies in MN are using pressure washers instead of steamers. And if you hire someone with a pressure washer there is one guarantee, your roof will be damaged! Watch this short video to see the difference.

We are so against pressure washers that we made the decision to always use gauges on all of our machines. We are the only company in MN to date that always runs a temperature and pressure gauge on our machines at all times. Surely more companies may follow our lead in the future but for now, we stand alone. We want this to be a standard in the industry because it will expose those companies who are not using steamers. There is a lot to know when hiring a company and we would love to teach you what to look out for. For more information please watch our video below or call us at 612-919-4185. We are fully insured for ice dam steaming and specialize in both residential and commercial ice dam removal.

If you would like to schedule your ice dam steaming please call us at 612-919-4185.

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We also offer our ice dam removal/steaming services to the following MN cities: Plymouth, Robbinsdale, Crystal, Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, St. Paul, Columbia Heights, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Jordan and all TC Metro areas including Duluth MN