Roof Heat Line Installation MN/Heat Tape Installation MN (612) 919-4185

Roof Heat Line Installation MN/Heat Tape Installation MN 612-919-4185

Installing heat lines/heat tape on Minnesota roofs is a service we take very seriously. This service is a must for anyone who has had trouble with ice dams. There is a right way and a wrong way to install these lines and even the instructions that come with the heat line do not explain the “best” way. Someone who has never installed these heat lines should consult someone who has a lot of experience installing them. There are many tips and techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of these lines and ensuring they work properly for years to come is very important.  We are ice dam removal experts and we offer this service as insurance and peace of mind to our customers. It is best to install these lines before it snows but we have installed hundreds of these heat lines in MN after we have removed all the snow and steamed off the ice dams. Please don’t wait until you get ice dams to think about this service. Click to contact us today. Also call or text us @ 612-919-4185. Thank you in advance.

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