Steam Ice Dam Removal Boston

Steam ice dam removal Boston MA was in high demand the winter of 2015 in which over 100 inches of snow fell on Boston and surrounding areas! Boston, New England and the surrounding East Coast areas were plagued with the daunting task of removing this snow from roofs. This task was far to large for Boston and the amount of companies in the MA area were to few to even make a dent in the problem. Ice dams soon followed the snow and the problems went from bad to worse quickly! Call or text us at: 612-919-4185 or contact us here if you need steam ice dam removal near Boston MA. Many news stories were done about roof collapses, people buried from snow falling, water damage, and even people dying!

Steam Ice Dam Removal Boston MA

Steam Ice Dam Removal Boston MA

Steam Ice Dam Removal Boston MA

Within a short time after the major snow storms hundreds of thousands of properties near Boston had ice dams. Within days these properties were experiencing water leaking into the buildings because of ice dams. Finding companies that could properly remove ice dams in Boston seemed impossible for most. Property owners were allowing anyone that could get to them quickly to remove the ice dams to do so. Some of these companies were removing ice dams with hammers, sledge hammers, axes, hatchets, ice picks and high psi hot pressure washers to name a few. In the end, the number of roofs that were damaged from improper ice dam removal techniques such as these were enormous!!

Insurance companies were also allowing unqualified companies that could “solve” the ice dam issue quickly to do so by any means possible. This turned out to haunt the insurance companies! In a lot of cases the insurance companies also had to pay a second claim to fix or replace the damaged roofs in the spring. Now it seems the insurance industry is getting smarter and is setting standards before they pay a company to remove the ice dams. Insurance companies now require ice dams to be removed with low pressure steam only. Smart choice, because low psi steam does not damage roofing materials!

We were the first ice dam steaming company in Boston. We came to rescue Boston early in the season and help remove ice dams, but our company could not meet the high demand either. Ice dam steaming Boston MA was in high demand after a new story explained why steam is the best way to remove ice dams. After the news story aired, our phone exploded with calls because we specialize in ice dam steaming. Fortunately we were already in the Boston area to satisfy some of the calls that came in.

We were featured on MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) to talk about MN ice dam removal companies coming to rescue Boston. Below is a news story we did for Fox 25.

We are also a member of the exclusive “Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education” IDSAFE which means our steam equipment is guaranteed safe low pressure. Click on the logo to visit our IDSAFE page or the text link to visit the Ice Dam Steaming Association.

Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education

We were the first MN company to travel to Boston with low pressure steam equipment and quickly our service was in high demand. Steaming ice dams quickly caught on in Boston. But please beware that there are many companies who claim to steam ice dams in Boston MA but in fact the equipment they use is not a steamer at all it is a hot water pressure washer. There is a huge difference between the two machines! Pressure washers can damage your roof while a steamer cannot. Our advice is to make sure you hire a company that uses low pressure steam only.

After our travels to steam ice dams in Boston MA we received several phone calls from insurance adjusters who were standing on the roofs we steamed. These adjusters called to thank us for the great jobs we had done. They thanked us for our service and were curious to understand how the roofs we steamed had no damage. We explained to them that our low pressure steam method is designed to leave a roof damage free. The adjusters told us that 90% of all the roofs they inspected in the spring were damaged from improper ice dam removal techniques and the only jobs free of damage had been steamed with low pressure. Being from MN we already knew this fact but it’s nice to see the rest of the people catching on in Boston.

Everywhere we went in the Boston New England areas we were corralled and questioned. We were questioned at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants to name a few. We were always asked, “what is ice dam steaming?” We were constantly told, “no one has ever heard of ice dam steaming out here in Boston.” Another common statement we heard was “everyone out here uses hammers.” We were even pulled over on the freeway by another vehicle to answer his questions about ice dam steaming and he again repeated the phrase about hammers.

We were glad to share our knowledge of steam ice dam removal with Boston MA and the surrounding New England areas. We hope that in the years to follow if Boston needs ice dams removed again they will only consider low pressure ice dam steaming. In the event that Boston needs our services again we will gladly travel and offer our services for steam ice dam removal Boston MA. The people of Boston were very friendly and we enjoyed the hospitality we were shown on the East Coast. Minnesota is known for its nice people and a common slogan is “MN nice” but I think Boston takes the cake in the nice department. We will gladly come out to Boston again! Please give us a call or text: 612-919-4185 or contact us if you need steam ice dam removal near Boston MA.