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Ice Dam Removal Fridley Mn

Ice Dam Removal Fridley Mn

Ice dam removal with steam in Fridley MN is not a job just any company or person can handle. It takes a professional company skilled with ladders in the snow, walking on icy roofs and most importantly someone who understands ice dam steaming.  We have been shoveling/raking roofs and steaming ice dams in Fridley MN for many years and we understand ice dam removal. We specialize in both commercial and residential ice dam removal in the Fridley area. Our safe and effective ice dam steaming can be executed on any type of roofing material from shingles to rubber and even hot tar. Our standard practice on every property is complete removal of the snow first and then steaming the roof from the top down. Many companies will not remove all the snow before the steaming process begins, and shortly after they leave the remaining snow will melt and form another ice dam. We understand how ice dams form and the last thing we want is an unhappy customer calling to complain about another ice dam, or worse yet another leak.

Ice dam steaming is the only safe way to remove the ice from a roof. Many people have been hurt trying to remove the snow and ice themselves, and many roofs have been ruined. One of the most common ways to ruin a roof is with a hammer. This process is dangerous to both the user and the roof and should never be attempted. There are a lot of people that try ice dam removal themselves but almost all methods fail to completely remove the ice without damage to the roof.

There are many things to be cautious of in the ice dam removal industry. First of all there are a lot of companies who claim to be using true steamers but in fact are using hot water pressure washers. (Ice dam steamers are much much more expensive!) These phony steam machines/pressure washers have way to much p.s.i and not enough temperature and will in fact cut holes in your roof and leave your roof looking horrible. These phony steamers cannot be turned down under about 1000 p.s.i. and cannot be turned up over about 180 degrees. A true ice dam steamer will run at a low 100 p.s.i. and have temperatures that can range from 250-300 degrees F. This low pressure/ high temperature ensures safe and effective ice dam removal every time. The second thing that is very common in the ice dam removal industry is when a company leaves the majority of the snow on the roof and simply steams the snow and ice off the edges. This is never a good idea because the remaining snow will melt down and cause another ice dam within a short amount of time. A few more things to watch out for in the ice dam removal industry are, un-insured contractors, and sub-contractors. It is always best to hire a company who is insured and does not sub out the work to another company. Hopefully this short list helps you be more informed about your decision when hiring and ice dam removal company. Thank you for considering us for your ice dam removal needs. We own the best quality steamers in the ice dam removal industry and we will always educate anyone about our machines. We always use a temperature and a pressure gauge on our machines at all times to ensure the owners we are using true steam. We are upfront and honest and always work with integrity. 

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