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We were called to the following home in North Oak MN for ice dam removal services and while steaming the ice dams on site we filmed the following video with the owners permission. This ice dam removal job was extremely large, important and very urgent. This house was for sale on the real estate market and a purchase agreement (with contingencies) had come in, but because of the large amount of ice dams on the roof the closing process was on hold until the roof could be inspected. Both the owner and the interested party knew enough about ice dam removal to only consider a company who used true low pressure steamers to avoid any further roof damage and that’s where we came in.¬†Call or text: 612-919-4185. Please watch the video below. Thanks!

This 5,000+ square foot home had a complex roof design and was well blanketed with 2-3 feet of snow over the entire roof area. We knew from walking around this home that the entire roof edge had 10-20 inches of solid thick ice dams. In several areas the ice dams had created leaks and we noticed icicles hanging through the sofit, down the siding and over several windows. After carefully removing all the snow (with four guys) we found many things hidden under the snow such as skylights, heat vents and pipes. We discovered that the ice dams in most areas went half to three quarters of the way up the roof and were still fairly thick even at the top! We knew that this job was far too big for just one steaming crew and needed to be completed quickly, so we arrived early the next morning with two steamers, two trucks and four men who were ready to perform. In the video we talk in detail about our steamers and why we use pressure and temperature gauges on every machine. We also take you up on the roof and show you some of the ice dam removal process. We hope that after watching this video you will be confident about calling us for your ice dam removal in or near the North Oaks area. In most cases we can offer same or next day service.

Ice Dam Removal North Oaks MN

Ice Dam Removal North Oaks MN

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