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ce Dam Removal Madison WI

Ice Dam Removal Madison WI

Madison WI is in serious need of ice dam removal services because of the recent 20+ inch snow fall. We are offering Madison WI our emergency ice dam removal service in order to help handle the growing ice dam problems. We specialize in both residential and commercial snow and ice dam removal.  Our ice dam removal service includes complete removal of all the snow prior to the actual ice dam removal process. Our ice dam removal process involves specially designed ice dam steamers designed to safely and effectively cut and loosen the ice dams from your roof and gutters. Our ice dam steaming machines run at high temperatures (275-300 degrees) and at a low psi (about 100 psi) and will not damage your roof. Never allow anyone on your roof who wants to use hammers, hatchets, picks, saws, chemicals, etc. And NEVER ever allow a hot water pressure washer to be used. (These phony ice dam machines will cut holes through your roof and drench your property with un-needed amounts of water.) The proven process of “ice dam steaming” is the only safe way! When hiring an ice dam removal company make sure to ask the following questions: Are you insured for ice dam removal and have proof, do you own an actual ice dam steamer, will there be two people on site at all times, will you remove all the snow first from the roof and then the ground, will you use safety equipment? If the answer to all these questions is yes that’s a good start. Two warning sign to look for when hiring a company are: #1) Are they a “sub-contractor” working for someone else? Avoid sub-contractors always! #2) Do they promise to guarantee a price or a time of completion? Ice dam companies work on an hourly basis because there is no way to tell how much ice is under the snow. The ice dam could go only a foot back or it could go half way up the roof which takes longer to remove. Ice dam removal is a serious business and needs to be left to the professionals. Anyone untrained or inexperienced should avoid attempting ice dam removal. We are fully insured and have many years of experience and references. Our work is guaranteed and we can also fix any damage already done to your roof. We’ve got you covered Madison. Please click to contact us for all your ice dam removal needs or simply give us a call at 612-919-4185.  Thank you in advance!

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