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Minneapolis MN Ice Dam RemovalHiring a company that truly cares about the customer and their property is very important. Not every company will have your best interests in mind. Here are a few things to consider before hiring. Will the company use a steamer designed only for ice dam removal? (about 100 P.S.I and a temperature of 250-300 degrees F) Is the company insured for ice dam removal? Does the company use O.S.H.A. approved safety equipment? Will they remove all the snow on the roof? (If not find someone else) Will there be more than one person on site at all times? (Never just one person!) Are they a sub-contractor working for someone else? It is always best to hire an actual company over a sub-contractor. Check to make sure of the above details and you should be in good shape. Contact us.

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Proper Window Cleaning Method

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Equipment needed: washer, buckets on a belt, Dawn, window scraper, squeegees of different sizes, ladders, surgical towels,

Tip # 1 (Work in the shade.)

First start with a professional window washing scrubber and use water and a little Dawn dish soap to get the washer wet and soapy. Wet the top or highest windows first and use the window scrapper to remove all water and soap from the glass. This process may need to be repeated a few times for neglected windows. (This should be done on both sides of the glass.)

Tip # 2 (Never scrape a dry window or a tempered window EVER! It will SCRATCH.)

Next re-wash the window and squeegee the water off of the glass making sure to leave no streaks or film. Always start from the edge of the window working from top down. Then with a surgical towel carefully dry around the edges of the glass.

Tip # 3 (Decide which edge to start squeegee from and dry that edge first then squeegee.)

Then with a surgical towel carefully dry around the edges of the glass to remove any remaining water but do not touch more of the glass than needed. And wipe any wood work that got wet and dry up any extra water. For more tips give us a call.

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