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We received a call from this homeowner in Bloomington MN for ice dam removal services because she noticed water coming through the ceiling in her kitchen inside of a cabinet near an exhaust pipe that exited the roof. After we met with her and got permission to take a video, we set up our ladder, grabbed our plastic shovels and went to work removing all the snow from the roof and exposing the ice dams. This roof was completely covered with about 2.5 feet of heavy wet snow and nothing at all was visible on the roof through the snow! All the vents and pipes were smothered and could not breathe. Removing the snow from the entire roof was exhausting (even for two strong men who do this every day)! This roof had a fairly shallow pitch making it an easy target for leaks from water sitting behind the ice dams. Virtually every home on that street in Bloomington MN had ice dams glistening on the roof edges!  Continue reading