Alaska Ice Dam Removal

Alaska Ice Dam Removal

Our Alaska ice dam removal service is fully insured, trusted and experienced with 20+ years on roofs. We use low pressure steam to remove ice from roofs. Therefore when we remove ice dams our customers can feel assured. We remove ice dams from roofs all across Alaska including Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. Enjoy watching videos? We have 125+ videos on steam ice dam removal on YouTube. So please call or text us @ 612-919-4185 or contact us here today.

Alaska Ice Dam Removal

Our ice dam removal service has proven to be the best in the country. In-fact we are board certified by the Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education. This means we only use the safest method for your roof, steam. Because no one should ever be using a high psi pressure washer on your roof. Therefore we use low pressure high temperature steam technology to remove the ice dams from your roof.

We are the only company in Alaska that is a member of IDSAFE, which means we are the only ones protecting your roof from damage. So if you encounter ice dams on your roof please let us know. If you are in need of our Alaska ice dam removal service we can steam away your ice dams quickly.

Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education

Benefits Of Hiring Our Alaska Ice Dam Removal Service

Insurance companies prefer to work with IDSAFE members. This means we can keep the cost down for you by collecting directly from your insurance. Check out the video below or visit our YouTube page. We have the largest library of steam ice dam removal videos in the world. Please call or text 612-919-4185 for help removing your Alaska ice dams.

Our Alaska ice dam removal company is servicing all major cities including Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau!