Rochester MN Ice Dam Removal

Rochester MN Ice Dam Removal

Our Rochester MN ice dam removal service uses steam to gently remove ice dams. We are fully insured, trusted and experienced. In fact we have 20+ years of experience removing ice dams from roofs. And we also have over 125+ videos on ice dam removal. Are your ice dams causing a roof leak? Call or text us at 612-919-4185 or simply contact us here to discuss our Rochester MN ice dam removal service. We offer same and next day ice dam removal to Rochester MN.

Steam Ice Dam Removal With Integrity And A Smile

Rochester MN Ice Dam Removal

When we talk about integrity and steaming ice dams we mean it. We take the word integrity to a whole new level. Because we are purposefully very visual with our equipment. How are we visual? Well firstly we run pressure and temp gauges on our steamers and they are always dialed in. Therefore our customers can see the psi and temp at any time. Also we have more videos (125+) than any company we know of. In a lot of the videos we show you our steamers and how we remove the ice from the roof.

Why are we so visual? Because there are so many companies using pressure washers to remove ice and they damage roofs. We want to separate our company as far as we can from that deceit. We love what we do, therefore we are always smiling while steaming ice dams!

The Importance Of Our Rochester MN Ice Dam Removal Service

Rochester MN Ice Dam RemovalOur steam ice dam removal service is important to the big city of Rochester. Why? Because we stop disasters and prevent potential disasters from happening. Roof leaks are the main disaster we stop by using low psi steam. Prevention is always best. Disasters we can prevent are: roof collapses, structural damage, roof leaks, ice dams, mold, personal injury (building collapses and falling icicles) and CO2 poisoning/death. So let us help you with all your roof snow and ice dam removal needs in Rochester.

Why Low Pressure Steam Is The Best Way To Remove Ice Dams

Rochester MN Ice Dam Removal

After a long roofing career (with Union and non Union companies) I have seen a lot of roof damage from improper ice removal methods. I have also learned that low pressure steam does not damage the roof and gutter system. Once the water has been atomized and turned into steam it becomes gentle. Steam has no abrasive cutting power like a pressure washer because it’s no longer water. In-fact steam is so gentle it will not even cut a hole in salt filled pantyhose or cut a leaf frozen in the gutter. To me that’s just simply amazing and gentle!

Our Rochester MN ice dam removal service covers all southern MN cities including:

Faribault, Owatonna, Albert Lea, Austin, Mankato, Redwing, and Winona.