Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal

Our Minneapolis MN ice dam removal service uses steam to remove ice dams from roofs. We are fully insured, trusted, and experienced. In fact we have over 20+ years of experience removing ice dams from roofs. And we also have over 100+ videos on steam ice dam removal. So please call or text us at 612-919-4185 or contact us to learn more about our Minneapolis MN ice dam removal service.

Our Minneapolis ice dam removal service covers St. Paul and all Twin Cities locations and clear up to Duluth. And we offer same and next day ice dam removal in Minneapolis. So if you have a roof leak we can get to you quickly with just a phone call. We have steamed thousands of ice dams in Minneapolis on residential and commercial buildings. Give us a call to become our next satisfied ice dam removal customer.

Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal

We love to show the ice dam jobs we’ve done through picture and videos. Because we try to be very visual so you can see some of our past roof ice removal projects. We hope you are enjoying the images and videos so far.

Vast Portfolio Of Roof Ice Removal Experience

We have a vast portfolio of roof ice removal experience. And our ice dam removal customers love the transparency of our service thanks to our videos on YouTube. We have more videos on ice dam removal than any company in the world.

Our Minneapolis customers also love our IDSAFE membership as seen below. And they also love the fact that Jesse the owner created IDSAFE because of his passion to protect properties from hot pressure washers.

Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education

The steam equipment we use for our Minneapolis MN ice dam removal service is approved through IDSAFE. This (board certified) membership within IDSAFE assures our customers that we do not use hot pressure washers as other companies do. There are many good certified IDSAFE members in MN to choose from and they all use true steam.

Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal (Steam Equipment Specifications)


We use pressure and temperature gauges on our steamers at all times to ensure optimum efficiency when steaming ice dams. Because we want to offer the fastest and most gentle ice dam removal possible. Below you will see the specs on our equipment also.


We Believe In Integrity And We Care About Every Roof Like Our Own

We operate our business with integrity treating every roof as if it were our own. And since day one our gentle approach to ice dam removal has been a hit in the Minneapolis area. Please call or text 612-919-4185 to discuss our ice dam removal service.