Bismarck ND Ice Dam Removal


Our Bismarck ND ice dam removal service uses STEAM to remove ice dams from roofs and gutters. If you have a roof leak from an ice dam in Bismarck contact us today to learn more about our Bismarck ND ice dam removal service. We do NOT use damaging pressure washers, we use high temp low psi steam equipment made specifically for removing ice dams. Never allow someone to use a hammer or any impact force to smash the ice. This can damage the roof and gutters. Steam is the only safe way to have your ice dam removal completed! Please give us a call or text today @ 612-919-4185

We are a member of the Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education “IDSAFE.” Our memberships guarantees that we have the proper low psi steam equipment that will NOT damage roofing materials. Our Bismarck ND ice dam removal service can remove your ice dams the same of next day!

Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education

Bismarck ND Ice Dam Removal

Our Bismarck ND ice dam removal service has been around along time! Our service is unique in many ways compared to the other guys. For example we use steamers and not pressure washers. We use two people on every job, not just one. And when paying by the hour this means a huge savings to you! We use pressure and temperature gauges on our steamers at all times! Our equipment is always running correctly. We use plastic roof snow removal equipment such as roof rakes and shovels. We truly care about your roof! At Absolutely Clean we have the largest video library on ice dam removal with steam in the world! And we believe in the word integrity! We want our customers to be able to “see” our equipment before we are hired.


Don’t be fooled by a fancy name or website! Some of the biggest ice removal companies use the wrong equipment! Visit IDSAFE to learn more about steam equipment before hiring an ice dam removal company for your home in Bismarck. Even if you don’t hire us (with our zero damage guarantee) we want you to avoid roof damage!

We can work with insurance companies as well to cover the cost of our service. Many insurance companies will avoid paying for ice dam removal with tricky tactics. Give us a call to avoid these tricks and get a paying claim! We understand what its like to have water pouring through ceilings, we see it all the time! Ice dams cause havoc on properties! Often times the property owner could have been compensated for the steaming process but didn’t go about it correctly.

Bismarck ND Ice Dam Removal – Steam Equipment

The steam equipment that we use for our ice dam removal service is the best around! In fact we use the only steam equipment designed just for ice dam removal! Yes that’s right our equipment was built specifically for ice dam removal and built to not damage roofing materials! Other companies buy a hot pressure washer and call it an ice dam machine when it is not! Here is the specs of our steam equipment.


Thanks for reading about our ice dam removal service. If you’re ready to make the choice to hire us, please call or contact us today. Thank you!

Our Bismarck ND ice dam removal service also services the following North Dakota cities: Mandan, Lincoln, Jamestown, Fargo, West Fargo, Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, Grafton, Watford City, Minot, Dickinson, Williston, Devils Lake, Valley City and Grafton ND.