Ice Dam Removal Service Areas

Some people search for ice dam removal but we prefer the phrase ice dam steaming. Either way, we remove ice dams the same way every time, with steam. We are glad you found us. Now let us steam your worries away. Remove my ice dams now! We travel Nationwide where we are needed. Chances are if you and your community have ice dams we are already in your area. Call or text us now 612-919-4185.

We offer ice dam removal to the following U.S. States:

Alaska (AK), California (CA), Colorado (CO), Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Idaho (ID), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Maine (ME), Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Montana (MT), New Hampshire (NH), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), North Dakota (ND), Ohio (OH), Oregon (OR), Pennsylvania (PA), Rhode Island (RI), South Dakota (SD), Utah (UT), Vermont (VT), Washington (WA), Wisconsin (WI), West Virginia (WV), Wyoming (WY)

We are a member of the Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education “IDSAFE”. Our membership means that we own the correct ice dam steamers that will not ruin your roof like hot pressure washers will. We remove ice dams without roof damage, guaranteed! Click the logo below to learn more.

Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education