Absolutely Clean Window Washing Testimonials

100-Percent-Customer-Satisfaction-Guarantee Since 2010 we have been striving to give our customers the best quality service possible. Our efforts have resulted in a 5.0 rating across the web! Check out our great 5 star reviews on BirdEye.

Below you will find reviews about many of our services such as window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, soft washing, roof cleaning, ice dam steaming, roof snow removal and more.

We go to great lengths to give our customers the service they should expect from a professional company! To leave a testimony please contact us and send us a message. Thank You!

Besides just having our customers saying great things about us we are now fully backed by “The Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education” IDSAFE.

Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education

After trying to remove our ice dams with a hammer we still had water leaking into our home in multiple areas so we hired these guys to steam them. Showed up before they said they would and got right to work! Your service to our property was much appreciated! First class service! Derrick M Satisfied Buffalo NY Ice Dam Removal Customer

On their way to Boston this company came through and steamed our ice dams. What a bad year that was! These ice dams were huge! We got lucky to schedule with them as work was abundant! Just want to say God bless you guys again! Thanks for steaming our ice dams! Paul W Satisfied Syracuse NY Ice Dam Removal Customer

Major snow event followed by cold temps and you guessed it, ice dams and roof leaks! We called this company and they promptly showed up and steamed the ice dams saving our ceilings. Very easy to deal with this company and very honest. Got ice dams? Call these guys! Stephanie A. Satisfied Rochester NY Ice Dam Removal Customer

We had so many areas leaking water into our home we didn’t know what to do. We did research how to remove roof ice and determined steam was the best. This led us to finding this company for ice dam steaming. They showed up the same day within a few hours of our call! They began to steam and one by one the leaks stopped! You guys did an amazing job, we are so thankful to you guys! If you need ice dams removed look for steam and IMHO these guys are the experts! Gloria N. Satisfied Buffalo NY Ice Dam Removal Customer

We live in Bend Oregon and we had a winter like no other! Ice dams everywhere on our home! And leaks everywhere! These guys traveled here from MN to do what they do, steam ice dams! We were impressed and thankful when our home was safe again! These guys helped our entire neighborhood with ice dams! Hard workers who know ice dams! Trevor K Satisfied Bend Oregon Ice Dam Removal Customer

Ice dams, roof leaking, ceiling falling, buckets of water everywhere! Then came our saviors with a steamer! Thanks Absolutely Clean Window Washing! Ice dam geniuses you are! Kerri L Satisfied Bend Oregon Ice Dam Removal Customer

Our home in Boston MA got destroyed with 100 inches of snow! We waited to long to call for help because we thought we could handle it. We were wrong! If this ever happens again we will call these guys right away! These guys made the ice dam removal process look easy with their steamer and their skills! Impressed! Hire these guys before your home is ruined like ours was! Danny T Satisfied Boston MA Ice Dam Removal Customer

We have a old home in Boston. Three stories to the ice dams. So we could not reach them ourselves. This company got right up to the ice dams no problem and steamed them off stopping our leaks. Wilson Y Satisfied Boston MA Ice Dam Removal Customer

Absolutely Clean Window Washing is a great choice for ice dam removal with steam! They worked quickly and had amazing skills with their steamer! They stopped the leak before it was really bad and I am so thankful, you guys saved my home! Gary A. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal Customer

I feel bad for these guys because it was so cold out the day they came to remove my ice dams but they worked right thru it! (-20 degrees!) Their steam machine was truly gorgeous! No junk or slackers here!! A+ Ice dam removal. Bonnie C. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal Customer

Hard work on my ice dams but they made it look easy! I had lots of trees below my roof and they made sure to toss the ice away from them and they also did not throw the snow on top of them either. They did what they said and truly worked hard from start to finish. They also had the lowest hourly rate I could find. It was still a lot but a lot less than others I called. Well worth the price for no worries! Thanks. Kelly R. Satisfied Stillwater MN Ice Dam Removal Customer

I pray I never get ice dams on my house again but if I do I now know who to call! Thanks guys! Todd L. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal Customer

Our entire neighborhood was infested with ice dams and this company worked so hard to save our homes. It was a tremendous amount of work but they did it! Thanks from all of us in Minneapolis. Trisha T. and Neighbors Satisfied Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal Customers

The snow and ice on my roof were so deep and so heavy I was worried about my roof falling in!! It was almost chest deep in spots! I knew I had to find a professional Ice dam removal company and I’m glad I called these guys! On time and worked very hard without stopping until the job was done! So thankful! Mary P. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Roof Snow Removal, Ice Dam Removal Customer

Ice dams melted away along with my worries!!!! Truly an experienced ice dam removal company. Heat lines also installed for my future peace of mind! Thanks so much guys I can’t thank you enough. Larry H. Satisfied St. Paul MN Ice Dam Removal, Heat Line Installation Customer

I was looking for a company that used a steamer on ice dams and it was surprising how many companies weren’t using the right tools for ice dam removal and then I found this company and I’m glad I choose them over anyone else because they did a great job removing the snow from my roof and property and removed the ice dams safely. Very impressive work guys thanks. Susan E. Satisfied Minnetonka MN Ice Dam Removal, Roof Snow Removal Customer

Truly you guys are Ice Dam Removal Experts! And I just wanted to say thank you again guys for saving my home!! It means so much to know that you cared for us and made us a priority in your busy schedule. Thanks also for the tips in preventing ice dams for next year. Truly a blessing! Karen N. Satisfied St Louis Park MN Ice Dam Removal Customer

Absolutely Clean came to my home and did an amazing job installing heat lines on my roof and cleaning my gutters. There price was fair and the service was second to none. We have a very steep roof and it impressed me to see them in their safety harnesses being so safe. Thanks again! Highly recommend to anyone for gutter cleaning and heat line install. Mark S. Satisfied Annandale MN Heat Line Installation, Gutter Cleaning Customer

Wow! He was very professional and very respectful of the interior of my home and the plants on the exterior. He even wore slippers on the inside! He did a very good job and I would highly recommend Jesse to anyone!!!!! And I will surely have him back again. Jill H Satisfied St. Michael MN Window Cleaning Customer

Jesse came to my house and did a very clean and meticulous job on our windows. They look GREAT!!!!! Thanks Jesse. Dick and Cathy Satisfied Monticello MN Window Cleaning Customer

I’ve never had more of an amazing worker and cleaner for my windows than Jesse. He did a sufficient job in a quick amount of time. It will enhance our business with the quality of work done on the windows. Craig Fuerstenberg Owner of Dave’s Sport Shop Satisfied Maple Grove MN Window Cleaning Customer

Jesse cleaned my house windows, including the basement windows and my screened porch windows and tracks. He is a very diligent and hard worker, who did just an excellent job. I will have him back in the fall to do my windows again before winter. I am a clean freak and he did a wonderful job. N. Strathman Satisfied Minneapolis MN Window Cleaning Customer

Our windows are the cleanest they have been since they were new! Jesse did a great job. Besides being polite and professional, he was very thorough and meticulous. I would recommend Jesse to anyone without hesitation! David & Iris Scott Satisfied Monticello MN Window Cleaning Customers

Wow! I am truly impressed with how clean the exterior of my home came after it was pressure washed by Jesse and his employee! They worked very hard and didn’t miss a spot! I have a very high home in the back and they were able to reach the top as promised! Afterwords they did all my windows in and out and if feels like I have a brand new home now! Very reasonable price and exceptional quality! Would recommend to anyone! Kathy Satisfied Ramsey MN Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing Customer

An amazing company that can handle almost everything for your home! They came to my home and cleaned the gutters, pressure washed the gutter face, fascia, soffits and siding, cleaned my blinds on all my windows and then washed the windows inside and out including the screens and tracks! Truly the only company I need! Howard K. Satisfied Medina MN Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing Customer

I hired them to clean my windows, skylights and gutters and while they were on the roof they also found some exposed nails that were raised from the winter around my vents and they pounded them back in and siliconed them all for no extra cost to me! I feel very confident about this company and I can now say that I will sleep better knowing my roof was inspected and siliconed! Thanks you guys! My windows and skylights look great too! Crystal T. Very Satisfied Minnetonka MN Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning Customer

The ice dams on my home were so bad this year that I was terrified to think about the damage being done! I called and they were able to send a crew the next day and steam off the ice dams. And thank God because it started leaking in my home shortly after I called them. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has ice dams. Sincerely Kelly S. Satisfied St Paul MN Ice Dam Removal Customer

Wow I am impressed with with the level of professionalism this company exemplified when on my property! They provided insurance info before starting the job and were very safe on my roof removing the snow and ice dams. The job was completed faster than I expected as well saving me money which I can now spend on other things. Thanks! Thomas B. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal Customer

This company was everything I expected and more. On time and job done right! Amazing!!!!!! Heather D. Satisfied Buffalo MN Window Cleaning Customer

Absolutely Clean Window Washing is the only company I will ever need for my home cleaning services I would highly recommend to anyone with cleaning needs. Wow my windows are so clean! Terry W. Satisfied Minnetonka MN Window Cleaning Customer

I’ve hired Fish Window Cleaning and Squeege Squad and both companies did a terrible job! This companies name says it all Absolutely Clean! Great job guys! Paula F. Satisfied Elk River MN Window Cleaning Customer

For the past few years I have used this company and I am so impressed I felt it was time to say thanks for not only doing a great job but also for being polite and helping me with anything else I needed. I am elderly and retired and often need help with odd jobs and whenever I ask for help I get it and never have I had to pay! They always say “no don’t worry about it were glad to help you.” What a blessing! Thanks! Sincerely, Martha W. Satisfied Minnetonka MN Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing Customer

Jesse and his team of professionals washed 58 windows inside and out and power washed our deck and lawn furniture and did an outstanding job! I was impressed with their work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Would I hire him again? In a heartbeat! The price was fair, the service excellent, and the results were the best ever! Anyone looking for a great experience would be wise to call Jesse. Cheryl Hoversten Satisfied Zimmerman MN Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing Customer

Absolutely Clean Window Washing came and provided us a quote for window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and for soft washing the roof and the siding of our home in Minneapolis. Their price was the lowest and the service that we were given was outstanding! We just moved into this home and it was severely neglected for years. Everything was dirty from top to bottom! We are thankful that we found a company that could handle the whole project. We were very pleased with the outcome and me and my husband are amazed how clean our property is now! The soft wash roof cleaning process was fascinating to watch! These guys know how to clean! Thanks again! Jackie N. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Soft Washing, Roof Cleaning Customer

We went looking for a company who does roof cleaning in Minneapolis and we found these guys. We liked the soft wash process we had heard so much about and we were set on using a company who could guarantee zero roof damage. Absolutely Clean Window Washing has amazing soft wash roof cleaning equipment and the results were amazing. We didn’t expect our roof to get as clean as it did. We would highly recommend hiring this company for your Minneapolis roof cleaning service. Todd and Jamie H. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Roof Cleaning Customer

We have an older home with a light colored roof and old painted wood siding. The entire house sits in the woods under heavy tree cover and was never really cleaned in 15 years. Everything had a black mold growing on it. So we hired Absolutely Clean Window Washing to soft wash our roof and our wood siding. The final results were miraculous and we are very pleased! Hire this company for your roof cleaning and soft wash siding cleaning without hesitation! Janice L. Satisfied Orono MN Roof Cleaning, Soft Washing Customer

We were told by many roofers that we needed a new roof. The roof was only 12 years old. It was covered in green and black stuff for many years. So we did some research and learned that soft washing is a technique used to clean roofs. We found Absolutely Clean Window Washing and gave them a call about our roof cleaning. The owner was very knowledgeable about soft washing and we hired them. They arrived on time and with very professional equipment. The end result was a very clean roof that looked literally brand new! They also cleaned our gutters. We were very happy and referred them to our neighbor. Jason A. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Roof Cleaning Customer

I hope everyone in Minnetonka learns about this amazing company and hires them for roof cleaning. We have a very large house with a steep roof and unusual architecture. The roof was very badly stained due to the large trees that surround our house. We hired Absolutely Clean Window Washing to use the soft wash roof cleaning technique and we are glad we did. Our roof looks amazing now! these guys are MN roof cleaning experts for sure. Their soft washing equipment was first class! Henry S. Satisfied Minnetonka MN Roof Cleaning Customer

In my neighborhood here in White Bear Lake it appears most houses have stains on the roofs. I was tired of looking at my black stained roof so I hired this company to soft wash my roof. The end results were AMAZING! Thanks guys now my house is once again the envy of all the neighbors. Catherine A. Satisfied White Bear Lake MN Roof Cleaning Customer

We have a very light colored roof and it was badly stained black with algae. We hired Absolutely Clean Window Washing to use their soft wash roof cleaning technique. We knew that we did NOT want to hire someone to come pressure wash the shingles and wreck them and void our warranty. So we looked for a company with good reviews and the right soft washing equipment and decided upon this company. We are very happy with the results of the soft wash roof cleaning! Our roof is clean and looks brand new again!! We would HIGHLY recommend this company if you need soft wash roof cleaning!  Julie J. Satisfied Edina MN Roof Cleaning Customer

We have a clay tile roof that was very discolored due to algae. Hired Absolutely Clean Window Washing to soft wash the roof and the results are amazing! Give them a call they wont let you down! Best price I could find also! Edith N. Satisified Minneapolis MN Roof Cleaning Customer 

Our cedar shake roof was really looking dingy and was covered in moss. We researched methods to clean cedar shingles and learned about soft washing being the most gentle and longest lasting roof cleaning. We hired Absolutely Clean Window Washing to soft wash our cedar roof and we are extremely please with the results. The price was fair and the service itself went like clockwork! My cedar roof looks new again! If you are in need of a MN cedar roof cleaning company I would highly recommend these guys! Thanks again! Satisfied North Oaks MN Cedar Roof Cleaning Customer

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