MN Commercial Roof Snow Removal

MN Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Our MN commercial roof snow removal service covers all of MN including Minneapolis and St. Paul. We are fully insured, highly reviewed, trusted and experienced. In-fact our experience goes back over 20 years! We have over 20 years of experience removing snow from commercial flat and pitched roofs. We are available 24/7. So please call or text 612-919-4185 or contact us here today.

Emergency Roof Snow Removal (Lightening Snow Loads & Stopping Leaks)

MN Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Our MN commercial roof snow removal service works quickly in emergency conditions to prevent and minimize further damage from snow loads and roof leaks. Therefore we offer same and next day service. If your building is compromised please contact us here. If we are contacted before disaster strikes we can also prevent many things. We can prevent roof collapses, structural damage, roof leaks, ice dams, personal injury (from building collapses or falling ice) and CO2 poisoning/death. With either scenario we can help. Roof leaking now? You may need ice removed from scuppers, drains or building exteriors. We use true steam to remove ice from commercial buildings. See below.

You May Need Ice Removed From Scuppers, Drains or Building Exteriors


Does your commercial building have a roof leak? You may need snow and ice removed from scuppers, drains or building exteriors as shown above. We use true low pressure steamers to remove ice from commercial roofs and building exteriors. Steam will not hurt roofing materials. The images below shows us steaming these massive tree trunk sized icicles from scupper/downspout systems. These were removed to prevent injury to the factory employees. No commercial job is to big or small. So please give us a call today at 612-919-4185.



As you can see from the images above we work very hard to satisfy commercial properties. Some jobs require complete snow removal to prevent collapses while others just need minimal snow removal and maybe some ice. And yet others, as pictured above, need thousands or pounds of snow and ice removed.

MN Commercial Roof Snow Removal From Flat And Pitched Roofs

MN Commercial Roof Snow and Ice Removal

Not all commercial properties have flat roofs. In-fact many commercial buildings have both flat and pitched roofs such as shingles or metal. We can remove snow from all roof types. In fact we do a lot of snow and ice removal for large HOA associations (seen above) which are just one type of commercial building. A commercial building is considered anything zoned as commercial. For example some of these building are government buildings, industrial, manufacturing, warehouses, offices, condominiums, nursing homes, apartment buildings, townhomes, banks, shopping malls, hotels/motels, etc.

We even did commercial roof snow removal and ice dam steaming for the United States Coast Guard (USCG). We are ready to take on any government jobs thanks to our SAM & USFCR approval. This means we are officially a federally registered snow and ice dam contractor for the US Government.

MN Commercial Roof Snow and Ice Dam Removal

So when we say our MN commercial roof snow removal service has experience we aren’t joking. In fact we have the experience on all types of commercial roofs. Ranging from flat rubber EPDM roofs to hot tar to metal to shingles to cedar and more. Some jobs are harder than others to remove snow from but nothing is impossible.

Heavy Roof Snow And Ice Hanging Off Of Buildings Is Dangerous!

We have seen so many bad things happen because of heavy snow and ice on commercial buildings. And in fact we are a MN based company, but we chase snow storms from coast to coast! So chasing storms has taken us from Boston to Oregon and many places in between. The image below is of a commercial building for Erie News Now in Erie PA. And the danger here was extreme. The office staff who sat just inside that window was scared of a building collapse. There was also a substantial leak in that area right above some very expensive equipment.


We are very humbled to be trusted by so many commercial property owners to remove snow and ice. So let our MN commercial roof snow removal service assist your property next. Please give us a call. Because we would love the opportunity to talk with you.


When you see a problem, we see a solution. The owner Jesse was a union and non-union roofer for over 10 years. He has also spent over 10 years as a business owner here removing snow and ice. Over 20 years removing snow and ice from roofs. There are many other accomplishments in his career such as creating the Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education (IDSAFE). An association to help people avoid roof damage from pressure washers. And Jesse has also compiled the largest video library on steam ice dam removal in the world.

MN Commercial Roof Snow Removal & Ice Dam Steaming With A Smile


Why would anyone who spends all day outside in the cold smile? Because we love what we do and we are well prepared for it. If you need our MN commercial roof snow removal service simply call, text us at 612-919-4185 or contact us today. Thank you so much!