Duluth MN Ice Dam Removal


Our Duluth MN ice dam removal service removes ice dams from roofs and gutters with low psi steam. We are fully insured, trusted and experienced. In-fact we have 20+ years of experience removing ice dams from roofs. We also have 125+ videos on steam ice dam removal on YouTube. So if you have a roof leak, ice dams or to much snow on your roof we can help. Our Duluth MN ice dam removal service can stop your roof leak fast with safe and gentle steam. Contact us here or call 612-919-4185 for our same or next day Duluth MN ice dam removal service.

Ice Dam Removal With Integrity

Duluth MN Ice Dam Removal

Our Duluth MN ice dam removal service uses integrity. Why? Because we truly care about your roof. Therefore we do not use pressure washers as other companies do. We use true low pressure high temperature steam equipment only. Our steamers are specially designed and tested for safe ice dam removal.

Because our ice dam removal service is gentle and safe on all roofing materials we guarantee zero roof damage! Watch the video below to see how we can offer such a promise.

Avoid hiring a Duluth ice dam removal company who will pound or chip away at the ice dam. This can easily damage the roof, lumber and gutter systems. Don’t pay someone to damage your roof. Steaming is the only way to safely remove ice dams with no damage. Also it’s very important to avoid pressure washers for ice dam removal as seen above in the video.

Our Steam Ice Dam Removal Service Featured On Duluth News.

Below you’ll see us featured again on Fox 21 as your Duluth MN ice dam removal experts. We have done several news stories about steam ice dam removal in Duluth.

Here is a link to the Fox 21 story about our Duluth MN ice dam removal service.

We Are So Passionate About Protecting The Roof Over Your Head

We are so passionate about protecting the roof over your head. So passionate in-fact that we started IDSAFE because of companies destroying roofs with pressure washers. We are a (board certified) member of the Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education. Our membership assures you that we own the correct steam equipment that cannot damage your roof.

We have the experience (20+ years) and the equipment to remove your ice dams safely. Learn how to distinguish bad ice dam removal equipment (pressure washers) from a true steamer at the IDSAFE link below.

Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education

Ice Dam Removal Hiring Considerations

When looking for a Duluth MN ice dam removal company it’s important to consider experience as a primary qualifier. And secondly the equipment must be correct to avoid roof damage. Below we have a short video for you to watch to learn more about us and our Duluth MN ice dam removal service.

If you liked this video please take some time and check out our ice dam removal video library. We have more videos on steam ice dam removal than any company in the world! Because we choose to be open and honest and 100% transparent. Therefore you know exactly what to expect when you hire us. We run our business with integrity and we treat every property as if it’s our own!

We offer our Duluth MN ice dam removal service to residential and commercial properties near Duluth. Therefore we can complete any ice dam job big or small. Because we have the equipment and manpower needed for large commercial flat roofs and large residential properties such as town house complexes and apartments.

Our Unique Ice Dam Service (Reasons To Hire Us)

Our Duluth MN ice dam removal service is very unique for several reasons. Here we will discuss some advantages we offer and some things to avoid when hiring.

We employ two people on every job. It’s not wise to have this service completed by one person for several reasons! Reason number one for two people is someone should always be within seconds of the steamer in case something goes wrong!

Reason two is safety of persons, property and productivity. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and teamwork will always beat a one man show. If you are paying a Duluth ice dam removal service by the hour two men will always be quicker than one.

Another advantage to hiring us is we truly understand steam and pressure. We operate our equipment with temp and pressure gauges to ensure every job is done correctly and to our specs. Therefore we always know what our equipment is doing and so do our customers. Here is our steam equipment specs. Notice the low psi and high temps.


We could go on and on but we think you get the point. If the above info is not enough to convince you, remember our zero damage guarantee! We guarantee our Duluth MN ice dam removal service will not hurt your roof.

Our Service Area

We have been steaming ice dams in Duluth for a long time! In fact we are the company who brought ice dam steaming to Duluth years ago. We have also removed ice dams in many cities around Duluth. We offer our ice dam removal service to ANY city around Duluth including Superior WI.

Give us a call or text. 612-919-4185

Our Duluth MN ice dam removal service covers the following cities near Duluth: Aitkin, Askov, Aurora, Babbitt, Barnum, Beaver Bay, Biwabik, Brainerd, Brook Park, Brookston, Bruno, Buhl, Carlton, Chisholm, Cloquet, Cook, Cromwell, Denham, Ely, Eveleth, Finlayson, Floodwood, Gilbert, Henriette, Hermantown, Hibbing, Hill City, Hinckley, Hoyt Lakes, Iron Junction, Kerrick, Kettle River, Kinney, Leonidas, Lutsen, McGrath, McGregor, McKinley, Meadowlands, Moose Lake, Mountain Iron, Orr, Palisade, Pine City, Proctor, Rice Lake, Rock Creek, Rutledge, Sandstone, Scanlon, Silver Bay, Sturgeon Lake, Tamarack, Thomson, Tower, Two Harbors, Virginia, Wrenshall, Wright, Willow River, Winton